The Legislative Committee of RTLACO tracks the Ohio Legislature to stay aware of any or all pro-life related activity in Columbus. The Legislative Committee analyzes bills and resolutions that are introduced, discusses legislation with bill sponsors and opponents, and ultimately takes a position on the Legislation.

The Legislative Committee presents recommendations to the RTLACO Board who ultimately vote on whether RTLACO will support or oppose legislation that is active in the Ohio General Assembly. Information about all of the legislation we are tracking and our RTLACO position on that legislation is provided below. We may create a Voter Voice campaign on some or all of these bills and ask you, as pro-life advocates, to send emails to your Senator or Representative in support or opposition to them.

Below, you will find a LIST of all the legislation that we are tracking with our official RTLACO position and a document that explains why we have taken that position on that bill.

Bill Tracker

A voice for the Voiceless
A voice for the Voiceless