Ohio Abortion Report for 2021

Access the official Ohio Department of Health Induced Abortion Report for 2021
The 2022 report will be released in October 2023

RTLACO, in cooperation with our member organization Dayton Right to Life, has produced and published an abortion report for our different districts.  The Ohio Department of Health’s annual abortion report is published each October for the previous year.

Reports By Demographic and District

Ohio African American Report for 2020

District 2 Abortion Report in Northwest Ohio for 2020

District 3 Abortion Report in Northeast Ohio for 2020

District 5 Abortion Report in Southwest Ohio for 2020

A voice for the Voiceless
A voice for the Voiceless

In The

Friday Five

South Carolina House Passes Abortion Ban with Rape Exception. Babies Conceived in Rape Less Human? By a vote of 67- 35, the South Carolina House of Representatives passed a bill that purports to ban abortion. On Wednesday, the House voted down a more principled abortion ban that would have also protected the right to life

Bad News

At the end of 2020, the Ohio Legislature passed two pro-life pieces of legislation that were ultimately signed into Law by Governor Dewine.  Senate Bill 27, the bill to ensure the Humane and proper Disposition of the Remains of an Unborn Baby killed by abortion, SB27 was the culmination of 2+ years of work by

Good News

On Wednesday, Dec 22nd, Governor DeWine signed into law Senate Bill 157. This new law now requires medical care for babies that survive abortions. Essentially it prevents infanticide in statewide abortion facilities. Failure to do so, could result in felony charges for the abortionist/doctor. The law also requires the reporting of these born alive cases