Q – What is RTLACO’s relationship with Ohio Right to Life?
A – The majority of our individual member organizations currently affiliated with ORTL will remain affiliated and will obviously work to support their efforts to advance the cause of life whenever possible. There is strength in numbers and power in alliances. Whenever and wherever we can, we will work with them to restore Ohio to the top 10 pro-life states in America. Currently, Ohio ranks number fourteen.

Q – Is it true that RTLACO was formed to go against ORTL?
A – No, that is not at all true! The RTLACO was formed after five years and numerous good-faith attempts to address a few essential issues needed to ensure Ohio maintains a unified voice within the pro-life community. Regrettably, under the current leadership at ORTL, it became abundantly obvious they had no intention of instituting even a few of these basic enhancements. We were left with no other choice but to chart a new course and embrace a strategy for victory and a governance model designed for the 21st century.  We are happy to work with any group that protects life.

Q – How will we receive communications and action items from RTLACO?
A – Email would be our preferred method because of cost and expediency. If we don’t have your email address, we will mail the notices to your member organization’s primary mailing address for official meeting notifications and other essential communications.

Q – How is the RTLACO funded?
A – In the same way all of our organizations are funded through individual, business, and in-kind donations and, to a much lesser degree, annual membership fees. Our membership fees, compared to any organization, are nominal.

Q – Can a 501c3 organization be a member of RTLACO?
A – Yes, your membership is not a conflict with your 501c3 status.

A voice for the Voiceless
A voice for the Voiceless