Legislation proposed in the Maryland Senate would allow babies to be left to die for as long as the first 28 days after birth, according to analysis from a pro-life attorney.

Senate Bill 669 is also known as the Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act of 2022, but the problems go beyond the use of “person” in place of accurate references to women having babies. Senator William Smith, a Democrat, sponsored the legislation, which will have a hearing on March 15.

“[T]he bill also proposes a revision of the fetal murder/manslaughter statute that would serve to handcuff the investigation of infant deaths unrelated to abortion,” American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) attorney OliviaSummers wrote in her analysis.

This is because the legislation prohibits investigations and criminal prosecutions for women and medical professionals for a “failure to act” in relation to a “perinatal death.”

“There is absolutely no reason for Maryland Senate Bill 669’s attempt to prevent someone who lets their baby die from being investigated,” Summers said. ”This bill just further exposes the complete lack of regard abortion advocates have for innocent human life.”

“If they truly want to protect life and women, then legislators could simply extend the length of the safe harbor provision already in place,” she said. “Under the Safe Haven law, a distressed parent who is unable or unwilling to care for their infant can safely give up custody of their baby, no questions

asked,” the Maryland Department of Human Services explains. “Newborns can be left at hospitals or law enforcement stations.”

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UN bans pro-life groups from attending conference on ‘status of women.’

In a move that can only be described as discriminatory and unacceptable, the United Nations (UN) is excluding a number of pro- life non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including Campaign Life Coalition, from fully participating in the UN’s upcoming Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) set to take place from March 14 to 25, by rejecting their applications to host parallel events.

The Non-Government Organization Committee on the Status of Women, New York (NGO CSW/NY) – which was put in place by the CSW secretariat to facilitate civil society participation at the commission, including managing all the parallel events – rejected our application stating the following:

“Unfortunately, your request to host an event has been denied as your event does not align with NGO CSW/NY’s values and/or mandate.”

We were surprised that our event was rejected. Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) has been an accredited Canadian non-governmental organization in Special Consultative Status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) for over two decades. During that time, we’ve participated in various commissions and events at the UN.

As an NGO that affirms the right to life from conception until natural death and promotes the traditional family as the natural and fundamental unit of society, we have a lot to bring to the table regarding this year’s conference theme. For many years now, environmental and feminist NGOs have been using climate change alarmism to spread the myth of overpopulation to promote an agenda that does not respect human life, setting up a false dichotomy between people and planet Earth. Alternative pro-life voices are crucial in calling for social policies that respect the Earth but first respect the dignity of every human life, born and preborn.

The U.S.-based Centre for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) penned a February 25 open letter to the UN on behalf of over 450 organizations who decried the UN’s discrimination in solidarity with the pro-life and pro-family groups who had their applications to host a parallel event rejected.

In the past, the UN has largely maintained an openness to a diversity of views and positions, including pro-life positions, which are shared by many Member States. Rejecting applications from pro-life organizations to host events is a clear sign that influential actors within the UN want to cancel and silence those with whom they disagree.

Yet, it is the role of the UN to provide a platform for civil society to engage in the exchange of ideas in a respectful way.Full Article by LifeSiteNews HERE!

Debunking more lies about medicines being tested on fetal cells.

In response to the publication of the article

The”Everything Was Tested on HEK’ Lie” (Dec. 9, 2021), Fr. Matthew Schneider, LC, posted a “response” on his blog (Jan. 26, 2022). Given that his blog post included new lies directed personally against this author, the editors of Catholic Family News have requested that I provide a response.

Disclaimer: There was a lie so blatant in Fr. Matthew’s blog post that, for the sake of making it clear on social media, I bet him $1,000 that he couldn’t back it up.

Fr. Matthew’s first obvious lie in his blog post comes in his very first sentence. He claims I argued “that very few medicines had medical testing on fetal cell lines, specifically HEK-293.” Nowhere in my CFN article do I make that claim, or even imply it.

His second lie comes in his second sentence. Referring to me, he states, “he uses non-standard definitions of terms like … lying.” Nowhere in my CFN article is the word “lying” ever used, much less defined — and deliberately so, because a “lie” (an objective falsehood) and “lying” (deliberate deception) are not necessarily synonymous (more on this distinction to come).

Fr. Matthew apparently believes he gets to choose whether the FDA’s definition of Medical Testing measures up, and since neither it nor Merriam-Webster’s “lie” promote Fr. Matthew’s agenda, they “aren’t the definitions” he wishes to use.

He attempted to use his characteristically biased and misleading methodology to respond to my CFN article, but he refuted nothing. And unsurprisingly, he didn’t even attempt to address my article’s Appendices — information which proves his entire approach is fraudulent.

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Great News: Washington State assisted suicide

expansion bill died a natural death.

I have great news. Washington State’s assisted suicide expansion bill (HB1141) has died a natural death. I congratulate everyone who spoke out against the bill and lobbied to defeat the bill.

HB 1141 was introduced in January 2021 and passed in the state House on February 25, 2021. It was referred to the Senate where it was stopped.

HB 1141 was re-introduced in January 2022 and passed in the state House on January 12, 2022 and referred to the Senate. On February 18 it had a Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care. HB 1141 is now dead.

HB 1141 would have:

  • Expanding the list of who can prescribe lethal drug cocktails by changing it from physicians to “qualified medical provider.” A “qualified medical provider” is defined as a physician, or a licensed physician assistant, or a osteopathic physician, or an advanced registered nurse practitioner.
  • Expanding the list of who is legally able to counsel a person, when the qualified medical provider questions the ability of the person to consent. Those who would be permitted to offer counseling include: a state licensed psychiatrist or, psychologist, independent clinical social worker, advanced social worker, mental health counselor, or psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioner.
  • Eliminating the 15 day waiting period and replacing it with a 72 hour waiting period and then allowing the waiting period to be rescinded if the qualified medical provider believes that the person may be imminently dying. This permits a “same day death.”

This is great news, but we expect that the assisted suicide lobby will try again to expand the Washington State assisted suicide law in 2023.

Once again, I congratulate everyone who successfully worked to defeat HB 1141. Similar assisted suicide expansion bills are still being debated in Vermont and Hawaii.

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Abortionist Complains It’s Hard to Get Dates Because She Kills Babies.

California Catholic Daily recently published an article about an abortionist who spoke with the Washington Post about how difficult it is for her to date.

“In the past, I’ve tried every strategy: Burying references in my online dating profile; waiting until the third date to talk about the specifics of my work;

carefully dropping the word ‘abortion’ in conversation and watching for a reaction,” the abortionist said.

Every man I have ever dated — no matter how liberal or open-minded he professes to be — has flinched, looked away, or gone silent when I first tell him what I do…” she told the newspaper.

Other abortion workers also have admitted to struggling to make friends or hiding their work from family. Noemi Padilla, a nurse and former abortion worker in Florida, recently told CNS News how she felt isolated from others after she began to work at the abortion facility. Padilla said she began to spend almost all her time with her co-workers because of the stigma around abortion work.

“Your entire life becomes the abortion clinic,” Padilla said.

There is a stigma surrounding abortion work and for good reason. An abortion is an unnecessary, violent procedure and its purpose is to kill a unique, living human being: the woman’s own child.

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