Joe Biden May Put Abortion Clinics on Federal Lands if Roe v. Wade Overturned.

As the Supreme Court considers Dobbs v. Jackson  Women’s Health Organization, a case that directly challenges Roe v. Wade’s 1973 ruling that legalized abortion nationwide, legal

minds are exploring strategies to protect abortion access. One such option proposes placing abortion facilities on federal land within states that restrict or ban abortion.

The idea is that these facilities would fall under federal governance, rather than state law.

“It is possible that clinics can operate on federal lands without having to follow state law. That has to be explored,” David Cohen, a professor at Drexel University’s Kline School of Law who focuses on constitutional law and gender, told The 19th, who published a report in 19thNews.org on Feb. 7 citing legal minds who say the president could use executive powers to protect abortion.

Gerard Bradley, a professor of law at the University of Notre Dame said “No state law banning abortion in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe could override a federal law which specifically permitted abortions,” he said. “It is surely within the power of the federal government to say, for instance, that in federal prisons and on military bases there shall be access to lawful abortion notwithstanding any state law which prohibits it.”

President and CEO of Americans United for Life, Catherine Glenn Foster said “This conversation around what President Biden may or may not do to promote abortion highlights the problem with the U.S. Supreme Court potentially making abortion a so -called state issue when it finally reverses Roe.” “Human rights don’t get put to a vote. We need the Supreme Court to state the obvious fact

that the Constitution is incompatible with abortion and that justice requires clearly abolishing abortion across our nation.”

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Because his mom refused abortion, this Los Angeles Rams player went to the Super Bowl.

A player in this weekend’s Super Bowl LVI got a chance at every football player’s dream — and it’s all because his mother chose life despite intense pressure to have an abortion more than two decades ago.

According to Mattes, Marquise’s mother Tenisha Copeland faced immense pressure to have an abortion while pregnant with him — but thanks to the help and support of a pro-life ministry, she was empowered to give birth to her son and raise him.

“The pressure she endured from family and friends to abort was so intense, it put her in a state of clinical depression, requiring hospitalization,” Mattes wrote. “When Tenisha came to Open Door, she did so directly from the hospital.” Open Door is a maternity home in Ohio, founded by Greg and Annie Miller. The Millers created it as a “residential ministry,” with Annie specifically viewing each mother who stayed with them as a spiritual daughter, and the children born to them as her grandchildren. The ministry continued to support the mothers and babies after birth.

“[Copeland] flourished in the positive and nurturing environment of Open Door,” Mattes said. “She learned to trust Jesus and drew close to Him, as well as the staff. In 1997 Annie was there for the delivery of Tenisha’s son, Marquise, and even given the honor of cutting the umbilical cord.”

Years later, Marquise graduated high school with a full scholarship to the University of Cincinnati. There, he excelled at both football and academics.

“The world is full of shining examples like Marquise. People who were written off as worthless lives with no potential. They are living testimonies – some more high profile than others – that God has a special plan for each and every child conceived, regardless of the circumstances.”

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Texas abortion rates plummet 60%in first month following new state law.

The new law, widely believed to be the most restrictive abortion law in the country in decades, is said to be responsible for reducing abortions in the state by approximately 60%.

The outlet reported that there had been more than 5,400 abortions carried out across the state in August, while just 2,200 over the course of September, when the law went into effect.

The Dallas Morning News also reported that such women seeking abortions have traveled to surrounding states including Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

The Women’s March on Wednesday tweeted about the plummeting rates and called for the law to be abolished.

“For over 150 days, our work has saved an estimated 100 babies per day,” said Texas Right to Life director of media and communication Kimberlyn Schwartz. “Our impact is only just beginning, as more states seek to replicate our success and as we look to the Mississippi case that could overturn Roe this summer.”

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Abortionist: If We Kill More Babies, Fewer People Will be Poor.

A Florida abortionist complained Monday that banning the killing of unborn babies in abortions  after 15 weeks would “hurt families” financially.

In a letter to the editor at the Florida Times-Union, Kanthi Dhaduvai, an abortionist with Physicians for Reproductive Health, made a financial argument in support of abortions. She objected to a bill moving through the state legislature that would protect thousands of unborn babies every year by banning abortions after 15 weeks.

“As a physician who provides abortion care for Floridians and those from other states, I see first-hand how restrictions on abortion hurt people and families,” Dhaduvai began.

Citing other findings from the biased study, which was conducted by abortion activists, Dhaduvai even claimed that abortions “benefit children.”

Oft ignored in the same study that Dhaduvai cited is an interesting statistic about women who wanted to abort their unborn babies but could not get an abortion for various reasons. The researchers found that 96 percent of the

women who were denied abortions, after five years, no longer wished they could have had one.

So, even though some of the mothers may not have been as well off financially, they were not “devastated” by having their children. Quite the opposite, the findings suggest they were happy they did not go through with ending their unborn child’s life.

Women and their unborn babies deserve better than these dehumanizing financial calculations about their lives. Their worth is not dependent on money. Both are valuable human beings who deserve compassion and support.

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Appeals court rules Tennessee can ban abortions targeting Down Syndrome babies.

A federal appeals court reinstated late Wednesday a Tennessee law provision banning abortions performed due to race, gender, or a Down syndrome diagnosis.

LifeNews reported, “The appellate court indicated it will not move forward with a hearing on the law until the Supreme Court rules in the Dobbs case, which could be used to overturn Roe.”

The decision is the latest in a dynamic legal battle over a sweeping Tennessee pro-life bill signed into law in July 2020 by Gov. Bill Lee.

On Friday, November 20, 2020 a federal appeals court upheld the provision banning abortions because of race, sex, or Down syndrome, while the ban on killing babies with a detectable heartbeat remained blocked.

However, the ban on discriminatory abortions was again blocked in September 2021.

President of Tennessee Right to Life Stacy Dunn celebrated the latest court decision, telling LifeNews, “Unborn children are the only group of people who can be discriminated against because of their race, gender or disability.”

Dunn also stated “Tennessee Right to Life will continue to work with legislators to ensure that all unborn children are protected by law.”

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