Hamilton County judge blocks fetal tissue disposal law a second time.

An elected Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Alison Hatheway blocked SB 27 for the second time in less than twelve months. The Bill required physicians to inform pregnant women 24 hours before their surgical abortions that they have the right to determine “the final disposition” of their child’s remains and the available methods and locations for disposition. Mothers were are to be given the option of cremation or burial. Currently, babies aborted in Ohio are inhumanely disposed of as “infectious waste” under the Ohio Department of Health guidelines.

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (RTLACO) helped craft the language of SB 27, working to give dignity to precious preborn children that were never given an opportunity at life. The law carried a penalty of a first-degree misdemeanor for clinic workers who didn’t comply with the requirement to bury or cremate fetal remains.

The abortion industry has an evident and persistent pattern of disrespecting human remains. As Attorney General in Ohio, Governor DeWine investigated Planned Parenthood for the sale of baby body parts in the state. There was also concern about how Planned Parenthood disposing of Ohio baby remains in Kentucky landfills. In July of 2021, dismembered fetal remains were found in a dumpster outside an Ohio abortion facility.

Thousands of preborn children are killed by abortion in these facilities annually. They are responsible for the largest portion of the over 20,000 Ohio abortions in 2020.

While this is considered a victory for the for -profit abortion industry, RTLACO will continue to work against the unjust and violent killing of the preborn in Ohio

and the horrible disrespect given to their tiny bodies. Legislation, education, and grass- roots action are our mission. It will continue until we see an end to abortion, a renewed respect for the preborn, and a more significant concern for women in Ohio.

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Biden administration has convened a task force devoted to maintaining and expanding “access” to abortion-on-demand.

In its latest move to appease the abortion lobby, the Biden administration has convened a task force devoted to maintaining and expanding “access” to abortion-on-demand.

Announced on January 21, the day before Roe v. Wade’s 49th anniversary, the HHS Reproductive Healthcare Access Task Force is “composed of senior-level HHS officials who have been designated by their respective agencies to identify and coordinate activities across the Department to protect and bolster access to essential sexual and reproductive health care” via a range of actions, including research, identifying and eliminating pro-life policies that remain in existing federal programs, advancing new pro -abortion policies and guidances, and supporting efforts to normalize abortion by mitigating its stigmatization.

The new task force is indicative of the White House’s search for “every administrative lever they can to promote abortion through programs through policies, regulations, and any other kind of creative, and I would say harmful, interpretations of long- standing federal law and definitions for health and primary care that they are reinterpreting for the purpose of derailing real women’s health gains for abortion,” former Trump administration special representative for global women’s health Valerie Huber told the National Catholic Register.

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Responding to a pro-abortion OB/GYN: A preborn baby is not merely a ‘potential’ human.

A pro -abortion OB/GYN recently commented on an article I authored in 2020 for The Pro-Life Rose…

“[N]o matter the numbers, if even one woman dies, that is one needless death.

  • You may say the number of unborn children far outweighs the number of women dying from illegal abortions; hell the number of women dying from legal abortions is significant compared to those dying from illegal ones.

My belief is that 12-week-old fetuses have only the potential of human life. You may say I’m rationalizing that I am killing babies […] The way I see it, saving a life is worth a hundred possibilities.

Pro -lifers must reject the premise of weighing the lives of the mothers against the lives of the babies. Mothers and their preborn children aren’t mortal enemies. One or the other doesn’t have to die. They can both live.

Scientifically, a human baby has its own unique human DNA and is a human organism. A fetus living inside a human mother’s womb is a human life — not the “potential of human life.”

The doctor, of course, knows this. What he means to say is that he doesn’t believe a preborn baby has the right qualities to be a full-fledged human being. And, therefore, doesn’t deserve the right to life.

At what point is a human being “developed enough” to be considered a human being worthy of human rights, according to this OB/GYN?

Human development is a continuum that begins at fertilization. Human rights should begin when human life begins.

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Men Play Large Role in Women’s Abortion Decision, Study Finds.

Men play a critical role in determining whether a  woman chooses to have an abortion, according to

a Care Net survey released last week.

“You can’t be serious about ending abortion unless you are serious about engaging men on the issue,” said Roland Warren, president and CEO of Care Net.

42% percent of the men surveyed said they either “strongly urged” or “suggested” their partner have an abortion when they learned the woman was pregnant. An additional 31% say they did not give their partner any advice one way or the other.

The data also reveals that “men play a key role in breaking the cycle of abortion and building strong families,” Warren said.

The survey, conducted by Lifeway Research, found that the No. 1 reason men suggested their partner have an abortion was financial. More than 45% of the men surveyed said, “We couldn’t afford a child at that time.” The second-

leading reason men suggested their partner have an abortion was because they were “not ready to be a father.”

“The study confirms once again that, far from being solely a ‘woman’s issue,’ everyone has a role to play in building a culture of life,” Ryan Anderson, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

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New peer-reviewed report: Preborn children may feel pain as early as 8 weeks.

Dr. Bridget Thill’s dissertation, “Fetal Pain in the First Trimester,” was published in December 2021 in The Linacre Quarterly, and it considered research from medical journals published from 1936 through 2021.

The peer -reviewed article concluded that the capacity for the preborn child to feel pain begins during the embryonic stage — possibly as early as eight weeks — and for anyone to deny this “is no longer tenable.”

This clear existence of fetal pain causes a conflict, said Thill, between doctors actively helping patients — in doing good through mercy and kindness — and doctors doing no harm. At what stage during development children are able to feel pain has been up for debate for more than two decades, to the point that many doctors wrongly believed that even newborns were incapable of feeling pain — even subjecting infants to open-heart surgeries without pain medication. Today, that is clearly a horrific thought and even preborn children in the second and third trimesters who undergo surgery are given analgesia or anesthesia to eliminate pain and improve their outcome. Preborn babies subjected to abortion procedures, however, are not afforded that same act of charity.

Not only is it possible for babies as young as eight weeks to feel pain, but they may actually be hypersensitive to that pain, according to the most recent report. “Evidence also suggests the fetus has a heightened sensitivity to pain due to the lack of descending inhibitory pathways which appear in the postnatal period,” states Thill, meaning the fetus is extremely sensitive to pain, with that hypersensitivity diminishing after birth.

It is never acceptable to kill innocent human beings — inside the womb or out

— regardless of their ability to feel pain. Research on fetal pain has now clearly demonstrated the humanity of the children inside the womb and the obvious existence of life inside the womb, and it has proven that there is no point in time or development when killing should be allowed.

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