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We ask you to join with us in supporting our pro-life Attorney General and take a few moments to click on the link below and contact David Yost. Please pass this email to your membership list at least twice before October 12.
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On September 15, Hamilton County Judge Christian Jenkins (D) issued a 14-day temporary stay on Ohio’s Heartbeat law. On September 20, Judge Jenkins announced his decision to suspend the law until October 12. This egregious decision restores the slaughter of babies up to 20 weeks and postpones the closure of Women’s Med Center in Dayton and affects all statewide abortion mills. Our Heartbeat Law has been debated for 10 years with plenty of judicial and legislative scrutiny. Ohioans have spoken – the Heartbeat Law needs to be enacted

immediately. We ask you to contact Ohio Attorney General Yost and encourage him to continue the fight for Ohioans, born and pre-born!

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Please encourage Ohio Attorney General Yost to show his leadership and publicly denounce this judicial overreach!

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The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio foundational principle is to safeguard the inalienable right to life – with the recognition of personhood, ​from conception until natural death, with no exceptions.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost to appeal Cincinnati judge’s order pausing state’s six-week abortion ban.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has taken a formal step to appeal a Cincinnati judge’s recent order pausing the state’s “heartbeat” abortion law that bans abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

In a news release on Wednesday, a Yost spokesperson said the attorney general’s office, after consulting with Gov. Mike DeWine, had filed a notice of appeal on Wednesday with the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Christian Jenkins, a Democrat, lastFriday issued what’s called a preliminary injunction, blocking the “heartbeat” law from taking effect until a trial can be held determining whether it violates the state constitution.

While the preliminary injunction is in place, Ohio reverts to previous law that made abortion legal up until 22 weeks into pregnancy.

Ohio’s “heartbeat” law, which bans abortions after fetal cardiac activity can be detected, went into effect in late June shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, striking down nationwide legal protections.

The case is likely to eventually make its way to the GOP-controlled Ohio Supreme Court, where three seats are up for grabs in the November election.

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Study finds 6 in 10 women who had chemical abortions wanted help or emotional support after.

A new study from a pro-life support group for post –  abortive women found that most women who had a chemical abortion sought or wanted help after killing their preborn baby.

The Support After Abortion study surveyed more than 14,000 women, including 114 who took abortion drugs, such as RU-486, to abort their baby, and asked them a series of questions.

The researchers found that “24% searched for help after their abortion experiences” while another “39% didn’t seek help, but said they could have benefited from talking to someone.”

“While some women expressed relief, many were traumatized by medication abortion, an experience they said was far more painful, physically and emotionally, than they had imagined,” the research team wrote. “The study reinforces the need for forthright, transparent information on the impact of medication abortion and access to healing care.”

Of the women surveyed, 34% “reported an adverse change in themselves, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse and thoughts of suicide.”

The study received praise for its design from a leading pro-life expert on polling and academic research.

This study of post-abortive women adds to a growing body of literature on the harms of abortion.

A 2017 study by Bowling Green State University professor Priscilla Coleman found that post-abortion women reported negative feelings about “termination of a life, regret, shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, compromised self-appraisals, and self-destructive behaviors.”

“My child is dead and by my own choice,” one participant told the researchers. “I spent years of anger, shame, and grief. It damaged my relationship with my husband, my children, and my God.

Numerous studies over the years have connected abortion to a variety of consequences, such as attempted suicide, depression, substance abuse and other psychiatric illnesses.

One Finnish study that reviewed the medical records of 600,000 women concluded that those who had undergone abortions were three times more likely to commit suicide than women in general, and six times more likely to commit suicide than women who gave birth, as previously reported by LifeSiteNews.

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Biden’s Big Lie About Contraceptive and Abortion ‘Access’.

The slogans of the Democrats grow more and more absurd, stating the very opposite of their surface meaning. “Inflation reduction” means inflation increase, “reproductive health care” means nonreproductive contraception and abortion, and the “right to privacy” means the right to force the public to pay for private behavior.

President Joe Biden convened his “Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access” earlier this week in order to push such demagoguery. Our second Catholic president is particularly upset that some public colleges, such as the University of Idaho, are no longer “providing contraception” to students. According to Biden, any state that refuses to spend taxpayer dollars on contraceptives and abortifacients for college students is threatening the “right to privacy.”

Biden’s education secretary, Miguel Cardona claimed “the Dobbs ruling has sown fear and confusion on our college campuses [and] I worry about the chilling effects this uncertainty, including about access to birth control, will have on students.”

Notice that “access” is now synonymous with taxpayer financing of contraceptives.

He knows perfectly well that “access” to contraceptives has never been more widespread. Thanks to his Food and Drug Administration, teens can now order them through the mail. The University of Idaho and other colleges have simply stopped handing them out for free.

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What Killed Masculinity?

For the past twenty years, David Brooks has been The New York Times’ lone columnist daring to be occasionally conservative.

His most recent piece, “The Crisis of Men and Boys,” gropes for causes of the withering away of masculinity in American life.

Girls do better than boys in school and stay longer. More women than men go to college. Women are more responsible than men. They strive harder and survive better in adversity. One in three American men with only a high school diploma — ten million men — is now out of the labor force. While men’s lifetime earnings have fallen, those of women have risen.

Men lack ambition. They are demoralized. They lack initiative to achieve and to succeed. They account for almost 75% of suicides.

Brooks searches for causes, but the best he can do is surmise. He comes closest to the core when he observes family breakdown. The very real symptoms that Brooks can’t face point towards a factor so huge that many don’t consider it a cause — it’s just “reality.”

I’m talking about the sexual revolution. And that means The Pill. And that means abortion.

In the mid-1960s, Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society began funding abortifacients as part of the Federal Government’s intrusion into family law (the propaganda codeword was “family planning”). The initiative had bipartisan support from population controllers, both on Capitol Hill and among the elites.

And there began the dissolution of the family—especially black families.

When government at any level steps in to assume the role of the prime financial provider for mothers and their children, that must have an impact on the role of fathers. And isn’t fatherhood a rather fundamental factor when it comes to “masculinity”?

Yes, government programs played their part, but feminists played theirs, and they focused on the culture.

In the 1960’s, the feminists targeted “Kinder, Küche, Kirche”— “Children, Kitchen, and Church”—as Public Enemy Number One. The Pill became their preferred weapon.

The “contraceptive mentality” that resulted quickly led to abortion, of course, and its impact was universal.

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