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Aug 25, 2022 – After a week of investigative phone calls, Operation Rescue has determined that 62 abortion clinics have recently stopped performing abortions. Among those 62 clinics no longer killing babies, 18 closed altogether. North Dakota’s abortion ban is currently blocked, and abortion is legal. However, the last remaining abortion clinic closed, making it abortion free.

As a result, 13 states are currently abortion free.

The status of each state working to abolish abortion is explained “at a glance” in the table below:

Trigger laws are expected to take effect tomorrow in three states:

Idaho: A judge is expected to make a decision today concerning the state’s abortion ban set to become effective tomorrow. This is in addition to the state’s heartbeat law already in effect. The judge’s decision could change the state’s abortion-free status.

Tennessee: Operation Rescue verified the two clinics that remained open this week only scheduled abortion through today. Tennessee’s abortion ban is expected to take effect tomorrow, putting a halt to abortions across the state. Tennessee was, therefore, counted as an abortion-free state.

Texas: An abortion trigger ban is set to take effect tomorrow on top of another ban that was in effect before the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and was reinstated after its overturn. The trigger law will strengthen the punishment for those who illegally perform abortions.

As the status of each state changes, Operation Rescue works to keep you informed by updating the map below. Bookmark this link for quick and easy access to our regular updates.

Operation Rescue Article HERE!

Biden Regime Targets Red States, Religious Voters In Latest Push To Normalize Unpopular Abortion Radicalism.

While the Associated Press demands Republicans defend why they are pro-life, the Biden administration is plotting to target states that have implemented common-sense abortion restrictions that a majority of U.S. voters and at least half of Democrats support.

Despite voters’ deeply negative feelings about taxpayer-funded abortion until birth, the Biden-Harris White House is partnering with radical abortion groups such as NARAL to weaponize executive agencies against pro-life states and double down on its pro-abortion propaganda.

Mere weeks after issuing an executive order that would force taxpayers to fund abortion on demand until birth in states that cater to abortion tourists, the White House wants to twist existing federal laws such as the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to force unlimited abortions — even mail-order ones — in all 50 states.

The White House also plans to partner with Democrats and activists to ensure that out -of-state activism and deceptive advertising, like the kind used to prevent Kansans from amending the state constitution to clarify that it does not guarantee “a right to abortion,” is implemented in all of the upcoming abortion-themed ballot-measure battles.

“The White House plans to replicate the success in Kansas, said the sources.

Manipulating the facts about abortion and promoting it as a normalized practice even in the third trimester far exceeds what the majority of Americans support when it comes to ending unborn life,and by all measures, it is not a winning talking point with voters.

The Federalist Article HERE!

Pregnant Woman Killed Because She Refused to Have Abortion.

A young Virginia woman and her unborn baby  are dead after her boyfriend allegedly shot her because she refused to have an abortion.

People Magazine reports Emmanuel Dewayne Coble, 27, of Hampton, Virginia, recently was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Raquiah Paulette King, 20, also of Hampton.

King was three- months pregnant with her unborn baby, and authorities said they plan to file additional charges for the unborn baby’s death.

On a Go Fund Me page set up to pay for funeral expenses, Gregory King, who identifies himself as the young woman’s father, said King and Coble lived together and recently learned that they were expecting a child.

King said the two began arguing after the boyfriend “changed his mind about having the baby” and tried to force “Raquiah to have an abortion, which she refused.” At one point, he said his daughter gave into the pressure and went to an abortion facility with Coble, but she changed her mind inside.

Virginia law recognizes unborn babies as second victims of violent crimes. Under its 2004 law, “any person who unlawfully, willfully, deliberately, maliciously and with premeditation kills the fetus of another” (with the exception of an abortion) may be imprisoned from 20 years to life; and any person who does so without premeditation may be imprisoned for not less than five nor more than 40 years.

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