The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (RTLACO) and its thousands of members in a boycott campaign of Kroger. Over 60 officers from the RTLACO member organizations and partners signed on to a letter sent to the Kroger Company Executive and Board members last week.


YOU can be a part of the campaign as well. Visit the rtlaohio.org site and print off our pre-written letter and mail or hand-deliver to your local Kroger store. We must be a voice for the voiceless!! We must stand up to these corporate companies and ask them to support family-friendly policies for their employees—not family-killing policies!!



160 Clergy from the Buckeye Bible Belt call for end of abortion, saying ‘it is not healthcare.’

“The article RTLACO is sharing is about the pro-life support of statewide clergy. The legislation referenced in their letter needs stronger pro-life protections. RTLACO is working with state leaders to ensure that this legislation has the strongest pro-life protections possible.”

NORTH CENTRAL OHIO- With Roe v. Wade overturned, the issue of abortion returns to statehouses. Ohio currently has a Heartbeat Law in place banning abortion at or around six weeks of pregnancy,. While many lives are being saved, a number of faith leaders are telling state lawmakers in a letter that the law is not enough.

In the letter the clergy wrote, “We thank GOD for the recent Supreme Court decision to reverse the 1973 Roe v. Wade court opinion. Abortion is infanticide and never was a right expressly written in the U.S. Constitution.

The clergymen contend, while the Heartbeat Law is important, moral clarity surrounding the unborn should be strengthened by eliminating legislative loopholes.

The correspondence went on to say, “The ‘Human Life Protection Act’ H.B. 598 and its companion S.B. 123 will effectively ban abortion in the State of Ohio. As clergy representing one hundred and sixty (160) diverse congregations throughout Ohio Heartland, we believe in human dignity and that life begins at conception. Therefore, we are calling on the General Assembly to swiftly pass the Human Life Protection Act and for the Governor to sign it into law. By the same token, we expect the Attorney General, County Prosecutors, and Municipal Law Directors to fulfill their duties and enforce this law.”

“This will save the lives of millions of preborn babies and bring great glory to God,” says Pastor Dan Barker of Trumbull County. “That is why I enthusiastically added my signature to this letter to Governor Mike DeWine and the 134th Ohio General Assembly. I encourage all Ohio clergy to do the same.”

Reverend El Akuchie of Richland County says “Contrary to what some so-called ministers are saying in mainstream media, the Bible does not support the pro-choice position. In fact, Moses and Jesus were survivors during infanticides in their respective generations. God’s Word is very clear on forbidding murder and celebrating life. Each child is created in the image of GOD. The abortion industry aims to destroy this image for financial gain, and in Planned Parenthood’s case they aim to destroy ethnicities of people.”

With the advent of ultrasound technology, the clergymen say science is catching up with what the Bible already stated thousands of years prior: life begins at conception.

Pharmacist wins in court after refusing to dispense a morning-after pill.

On August 5, 2022, a jury in Aitkin, Minnesota, ruled in favor of a veteran pharmacist accused of violating a woman’s rights by refusing to fill a prescription for the morning-after pill.

According to NBC, after a condom broke, Andrea Anderson sought the emergency contraceptive, Ella, in 2019 at Thrifty White — the only pharmacy in the small town of McGregor where she lived. Anderson, a mother of five, then filed a civil lawsuit under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. She

sued pharmacist George Badeaux, claiming that he violated her rights under Minnesota law.

Badeaux refused to give Anderson the medication because of its potential to function as an abortifacient. “I couldn’t fill this prescription because one of the possible mechanisms of action of the medication is that it can prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterus,” Badeaux toldFox & Friends First host Todd Piro. “In my mind, that would be ending a new human life.”

According to Minnesota Public Radio, the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy allows pharmacists to deny prescriptions for emergency contraceptives if they conflict with a pharmacist’s personal beliefs.

The jury ruled that Badeaux did not violate a woman’s civil rights under state law but decided Anderson should be entitled to $25,000 in damages due to emotional harm. Badeaux’s attorney, Charles Shreffler, does not believe Anderson will receive any money since it was found that she was not discriminated against. He said, “In order for [Badeaux] to be liable for damages, he has to be found liable. The jury has to first find that he discriminated against Ms. Anderson on the basis of her sex, and the jury specifically found that he did not discriminate against her.”

On behalf of Badeaux, Shreffler also said, “We are incredibly happy with the jury’s decision. Medical professionals should be free to practice their professions in line with their beliefs.”

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Exclusive-White House pushes three-part plan for abortion rights.

The Biden administration’s three-prong playbook leans on two specific federal statutes to targe states that limit abortion, communicates to voters the impact on women, and accentuates how forced pregnancies negatively affect both women and men.

Senior White House officials, advisers and abortion rights advocates have held multiple strategy and engagement calls in recent days, including an Aug. 4 call with nearly 2,000 participants, said the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private meetings.

The White House is “really going all the way in trying to promote their message on the issue of abortion in the midterms,” said Lawrence Gostin, faculty director of Georgetown University’s Institute for National and Global Health Law, who has been working with the White House. “They are hoping this will play well among suburban women and that was Biden’s edge in the presidential election.”

A senior White House official said that the administration thinks the issue could win Democrats’ support from many Republican voters during the midterms.

The White House is compiling research on the physical and mental harms women face if they’re denied access to abortion, as well as the economic impact that forced pregnancies can have on men, women and families; and plans to communicate that to voters with a consistent messaging plan, sources said.

Another message will be aimed at religious Americans, telling them they don’t have to change their faith to support abortion rights, they just need to resist government overreach, they said.

“The idea is to be much more disciplined and consistent in messaging to break through to the everyday American,” said one of the sources.

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Canada releases 2021 euthanasia report. More than 10,000 deaths representing 3.3% of all deaths.

“At least 1740 people died by euthanasia (2021) for loneliness and isolation”

Health Canada recently released the Third Annual Report on Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada (2021). The data is gathered from the reports submitted by the medical or nurse practitioners who carried out the euthanasia death.

Comparing the Third Annual report (2021) to the Second Annual Report (2020), the report states that there were: 10,064 assisted deaths in 2021 up from 7603 in 2020, 5661 in 2019, 4480 in 2018, 2838 in 2017 and 1018 in 2016.

The report indicates that the number of assisted deaths increased by 32.4% representing 3.3% of all deaths in 2021.

The report indicated that due to the passing of Bill C-7 in March 2021, 2.2% of the assisted deaths were people whose natural death was not reasonably foreseeable.

This is the first Health Canada MAiD report since the federal government expanded eligibility for euthanasia (MAiD) in March 2021 by passing Bill C-7.

The main reasons for requesting euthanasia were

  • the loss of ability to engage in meaningful activities (86.3%),
  • loss of ability to perform activities of daily living (83.4%), and
  • inadequate control of pain, or concern about controlling pain (57.6%).

Many people with significant medical conditions also live with loneliness and isolation. Social isolation and loneliness require a compassionate caring community, not death by lethal injection.

We need a caring community, not a killing community.

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