Inside the plan to create an abortion refuge for a post-Roe era.

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. — When the woman called Planned Parenthood to schedule her abortion, Alexandria Ball picked up the phone and  explained exactly what would happen next.

Ball and her colleagues would book her bus ticket to Illinois. They would put her up in a hotel. They would help find funding for her abortion. And they would pay for her 15-year-old son to come along.

“Is this a dream?” asked the pregnant mother from western Missouri.

Attached to an abortion clinic on the Missouri-Illinois border, this first -of -its-kind call center offers a window into the splintered future of abortion care in the United States if the Supreme Court decides this summer to roll back Roe v. Wade , the landmark decision that established a constitutional right to abortion.Since the call center opened in December, Ball and her colleagues have been laying the groundwork to turn their operation into a blue -state abortion refuge for patients from across the South and Midwest, whose more conservative home states are poised to restrict abortion access if Roe falls.

In a post-Roe world, Planned Parenthood estimates that as many as 14,000 people could seek abortion care in southern Illinois. There would almost certainly be an initial influx of cash to abortion funds and providers, said Redd-Greiner of Hope Clinic, as people across the country respond to the decision. After that, she said, she’s not sure what would happen.

Missouri Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R), recently introduced a measure designed to stop Missourians from obtaining abortions out of state. Her plan, inspired by the controversial enforcement provision of the Texas abortion ban, would allow private citizens to sue anyone who helps a Missouri resident cross state lines for abortion care. The measure would target anyone involved in an abortion performed on a Missouri resident, from a hotline staffer like Ball who helps the patient schedule her procedure to the doctor who performs the abortion.

If Roe is overturned this summer, restricting out-of-state abortions is likely to become “the next frontier,” said David Cohen, a professor at Drexel Kline School of Law.

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University Caught Storing Bags of Aborted Babies and Aborted Baby Parts.

Pro-life advocates made a disturbing discovery earlier this month in a lab at the University of Washington Department of Pediatrics: a freezer full of rows and rows of aborted babies’ body parts.

Pro-life advocates with Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, Pro -Life San Francisco and Rehumanize International said they gained access to the freezer March 9 after confronting university leaders about its unethical practices as the largest and most active fetal organ bank in the nation.

“The American people must be made aware of the mass dehumanization of these unborn children who are violently killed and thrown into a freezer, whose body parts are then portioned out to researchers in pursuit of federal funding,” said Terrisa Bukovinac, founder and executive director of PAAU.

Some of the body parts may have come from healthy, late -term aborted babies who were viable and capable of feeling pain. Others even may have been born alive.

According to the pro-life organizations:

[National Institutes of Health]-funded fetal tissue research studies supplied by UW are known to target the brains of human fetuses — many pain-capable and past the point of viability during the abortion procedure.

Procuring “pristine” fetal organs for research requires withholding feticides to preserve the stem cells. This means these often late-term fetuses are torn apart and dismembered alive or, ideally for experimentation, they are delivered through an induction process which, at these late gestational ages, produces born alive infants over half of the time , according to a study published in the National Library of Medicine. The University of Washington also employs several staff from Seattle abortion facilities that supply the university with aborted baby body parts a “clear conflict of interest,” Bukovinac said. Also notable, the University of Washington recently stopped accepting medical resident students who refuse to do abortions.

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A No Vote on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is a Yes Vote for Free Speech.

PBS News Hour: Eleanor McCullen, an anti-abortion activist, delivered testimony in opposition of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination, on the final day of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

McCullen, who was the plaintiff in case about buffer zones around abortion clinics, said Jackson, in an amicus brief on behalf of abortion clinics, “maligned pro-life sidewalk counselors” and characterized them “in ugly and false ways.”

After three days of testimony from Jackson and questions from senators, the committee heard from professional and personal witnesses who can speak to Jackson’s work and her character. Jackson was nominated by President Joe Biden in February to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. After the hearings conclude, the committee will issue a recommendation in preparation for a full Senate vote. If confirmed, Jackson will be the first Black woman on the high court.

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True Equality Means Protecting
Life for Every Human Being.

Every March our nation celebrates Women’s History Month to honor those who fought for our equal rights. It’s inspiring to think about the brave women who came before us, who struggled to show their worth and inalienable rights as equal to men. Thanks to their example, we are empowered to keep fighting for equal rights today. One of us founded and leads a nationwide nonprofit organization, and the other is the youngest woman currently serving in the Ohio legislature. Together, we celebrate our femininity this month by leaning into our most natural instinct—protecting our children.

An alarming 2,363 children are killed every day in America via abortion, making it our nation’s leading cause of death. We must put an end to this atrocity. These are our children, and we must continue to fight for their lives by protecting their equal rights under the law. This is why we are working together on the 2363 Act—to offer total and complete protection for the most vulnerable in our communities.

As women with a maternal instinct to protect, we feel a sense of urgency to aggressively push for laws that protect human life.

Making abortion unlawful is a necessary step, but it doesn’t end there. We must offer holistic care and assistance for every mother, father and child by supporting the American family through law and material aid. Today, there are more than 2,500 pregnancy resource centers providing millions of dollars’ worth of physical and emotional care to families across the country. Women supporting each other, especially through the challenges and triumphs of motherhood, is the true realization of the women’s rights movement.

**Jena Powell represents the 80th district in the Ohio House of Representatives. Lila Rose is the founder and president of Live Action, a leading nonprofit human rights organization reaching millions of people each day with education on abortion and human dignity.

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Joe Biden Proposes New Budget Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions.

Joe Biden made it official today. For the second year in a row Biden has proposed a budget that would would scrap the Hyde Amendment and force Americas to fund killing babies in abortions with their tax dollars. Biden proposed a federal budget without the Hyde Amendment for the first time since the late 1970s when it was adopted. The Hyde Amendment has saved at least 2.5 million babies from abortion and it enjoys the support of a majority of Americans — including people who support abortion.

However, if Congress approves his budget, thousands of babies will be killed in abortions nationwide and they will be paid for with taxpayer funds.

“Joe Biden likes to say budgets are ‘statements of values,’ and his budget shows once again that Biden does not care about the life of the unborn child. Biden’s decision to eliminate the bipartisan Hyde Amendment in his budget proposal for the second straight year is just one of the many reasons this is the most radical, pro-abortion administration in history. Pro-life Americans are going to come out in full force this November to reject Biden and Democrats’ abortion extremism,” Andrew Brennan, RNC Director of Faith Communications, told LifeNews.

Recent polling shows 77% of Americans oppose using taxpayer dollars to promote abortion overseas, and 58% oppose using taxpayer money to fund abortions in the United States.

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